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Raghavendra Travels is a sister concern of Sarovara. This has started in the year 2000 as we get lots of corporate, business and families of local and foreigners for their official and tour purpose, we have vehicles and assist with rail and flight tickets.

As Sarovara is located at the heart of Chennai it is very easy to go to any place, everyone knows Tamilnadu for its great temples, it is very convenient to have 1 day, 2 days, and weeks tour for offer able price.

Vehicles for your convenience will be arranged.


“Tourists visit. Travellers explore.”


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The organization has been providing philanthropic and philanthropic service for many years. The driver, who is very careful about timing, discipline and safety, has been very helpful to us. . And this firm charges a very competitive rate compared to the rest of the organization.


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I really appreciate Raghavendra Tours and Travels. They provide great services and they are really friendly to people. They are punctual too. I recommend you people to avail this service. Really satisfied.
Thank you, RTT


Reviewed On Google

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